ESP8266 Driver for Kinetis

So yeah, I wrote an small library to make the use of the ESP8266 AT commands transparent for any Kinetis Device with an UART port on it. I even included a second library to abstract the http requests.
On the past months, while working on a prototype for my company, I needed to use a 802.11 module to continue the developing while the rest of the team made a final decision on which module we will be using for WLAN communication. Since I had to write a driver anyways for whichever module I chose, I figured that if I used something well spread on the community, somebody else could profit from my code; this is why I chose the ESP8266.
For those of you who have not heard about this 802.11 (Wi-Fi) module, the ESP8266 is a very inexpensive (3$ if imported straight from china) SoC which includes the physical, network and transport layers (TCP/IP Stack) and communicates with an external microcontroller via UART (Serial) and AT commands. There is an incredible amount of projects and people out there who do stuff on this little device, so I will not enter on details of configuration, upgrade or whatsoever, but I really encourage you to google it and take a look.
I have already tested the lib on the K64F and KL43Z devices, and I plan to keep the development on my free time and pull requests are entirely welcomed. The README file is not yet written but I am on it and I will be writing another post with an example application.
I really hope this library will be useful for you all!
See you later.


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